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you are, we are, citizen.

Zane, Jansen & Aaron are individuals, but as a collective they share the same views and vision on how customers want to be looked after and treated.
Having met years ago at Spilt Milk where Jansen hired the boys as kitchen hands, to helping put together One Misty Guy, all three have progressed in their fields of service and grown as people, keeping each other on their toes with a smile on their face.
The next step, a new beginning, a new challenge.
As citizens of the world we believe it’s important to care for our planet and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Whenever possible we will make sustainable choices for our produce materials and processes.



I’m Jansen, I’ve been in the industry for 29 years, I love people and getting to know them, love a banter and love a smile. I was a control freak at work but Aaron and Zane have made me realise that less is actually more, I’m often referred to as “old man” by these boys so that keeps on edge, then the banter steps up a notch! I love an am very passionate with anything associated with food & drink, being an elderly “citizen” in this caper you have to evolve and keep your nose to the ground, be open to change and adapt to that change.
My coffee is a single espresso, my water is sparkling.


Aaron (Az) Kerschner

I’m Az, I’ve been working in hospitality for the past 8 years and started up with Jansen when I first moved to Melbourne at the age of 18. I’ve bounced around to other cafes across Melbourne, building up my skills, so when Jansen proposed this idea to my brother and I, I was stoked!
I love playing gigs with my band STOKA and a glass of red wine, and i hate photos and slamming doors.
My coffee is a double espresso, my water is hot.


Zane Kerschner

I’m Zane, I’ve been working in the hospitality industry and with Jansen for the past 6 years. From my first job at Spilt Milk where Jansen hired me to wash dishes, to working as a barista at various cafes across the South East of Melbourne, my passion for customer service, coffee and food has grown immensely.
My favourite things include playing drums with my band STOKA and producing music as a side project, and I hate geckos and seafood!
My coffee is a long black, my water is negligible.


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